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EOG Test

2016 NC End of Grade Test Results Announced


This month, the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (DPI) released school-level and district-level results of End of Grade Tests (EOGs) from May 2016. Congratulations to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) on increasing graduation rates and on topping state averages in math, reading, and science tests! Additionally, 86% of CMS schools met or exceeded growth expectations. Across the state, science and math scores increased while third grade reading had a slight setback from prior years.

In CMS, about 48% of students are performing at reading levels deemed … continue reading

Holiday Parent Events


What a fun past two weeks, as tutors, parents, and students gathered to learn card games students can play at home to practice their math skills during Winter Break.

Parents, you can download card game instructions in English or instructions in Spanish.

Here’s a recap of the fun:

Billingsville Leadership Academy

Highland Renaissance Academy

Montclaire Elementary School

Lexi Piccano created a video of the action!


Winterfield Elementary School

Thanks so much to our partner schools, parents, and tutors for coming out to celebrate … continue reading

There’s One Key Difference Between Kids Who Excel at Math and Kids Who Don’t


There’s One Key Difference Between Kids Who Excel at Math and Kids Who Don’t (read article here). “I’m just not a math person” is a self-destructive fallacy.… continue reading

HEART Holiday Breakfast for Parents


HEART Holiday Breakfast for Parents – HEART volunteers and students enjoyed showing a room full of parents the take-home math games students will practice over the holiday break to reinforce their math skills!

Holiday Card Games

HEART Holiday Breakfast Photos

continue reading

Malleable intelligence


Malleable intelligence – Teaching students that their brain and intelligence can grow through practice and hard work has a positive impact, especially for students facing negative stereotypes and questioning their own capabilities. A student-friendly article is here, and a research summary is here.… continue reading

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