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Heart Math Tutoring Featured on WBTV


Brigida Mack of WBTV interviewed Heart Math Tutoring’s Executive Director Emily Elliott and Share Charlotte’s Amy Jacobs about National Mentor Month. Share Charlotte highlighted Heart as a way to mentor and support students. “We tell the tutors, half the job is to deliver curriculum… and the other half of the job is to be a positive influence,” says Elliott. See the full interview here and read more about how you can become a Heart tutor at… continue reading

Wilson's World

Heart Math Tutoring at Montclaire Featured on Wilson’s World


Heart Math Tutoring was featured on Wilson’s World this morning, as Wilson checked in with Heart students and their teachers at Montclaire Elementary. See the interviews here! Wilson also took part in Montclaire’s Holiday Parent Breakfast, and got to see tutors, parents and students playing holiday card games and celebrating students’ progress. See the slideshow below for photos from Wilson’s visit!


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2016 State of Our Schools


CMS Superintendent Ann Clark recognized Heart Math Tutoring’s work at the 2016 State of Our Schools address December 7th. The Superintendent cited the importance of community partners, Heart’s strong tutor base, and, most importantly, the impact on students. This was a very proud moment for all Heart supporters present and is certainly a highlight to wrapping up 2016.

We are so proud of Heart tutors, supporters, and partners for being recognized this morning by Superintendent Ann Clark at the 2016 State of Our Schools address.


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Charlotte Five

Heart Math Tutoring Featured in Charlotte Five


Heart Math Tutoring was featured in Charlotte Five as we work to find tutors for 600 Charlotte-Mecklenburg students. The article dispels five myths about tutoring, including “I have to be a math pro,” and “I won’t know what to do.” Read the full article here!

Ready to volunteer? Heart Math Tutoring makes it easy. [Partner]


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Charlotte Observer

Heart Math Tutoring Featured in Charlotte Observer


Heart Math Tutoring was featured in the South Charlotte News section of the Charlotte Observer. The article featured Cate Rogers, a first year Heart Tutor who lives in south Charlotte and is a retired teacher and school principal.

Rogers said she found the curriculum well-designed for volunteers and easy to wok with. Cate and her husband spent an hour a week at Piney Grove Elementary, each tutoring two children for half an hour each.

Read the full story here.

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