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Heart’s 3rd Annual Tutor Thank You Party


Thank you to all of our tutors who joined us for the 3rd Annual Tutor Thank You Party! We are so grateful to all of our volunteers for choosing to spend your time with Heart students. It has made such a difference in their experiences of school this year!

We measured some of that difference in our students’ final assessments: 98% of this year’s 641 students met program growth goals in math, growing in 2 or more concept areas. Those goals were set with guidance … continue reading

Volunteer Appreciation Month – Celebrating “Double Dippers”


April is National Volunteer Month! This month we celebrate all of our volunteers who support students each week! Throughout April we will highlight several of our “Double Dipper” volunteers who tutor at multiple schools. Thank you for your dedication to students!

Thank you to Mike Dorsel who tutors students each week across two school sites – Piney Grove and Greenway Park Elementary School.


Thank you to our “Double Dipper” Laura McGinley who tutors at Billingsvillle and Pinewood!


Thank you to Deborah Parman who tutors continue reading


National Mentor Month


January is #NationalMentorMonth! Thank you to all of our Heart tutors who act as mentors and cheerleaders for our students! Follow Heart this month to watch our mentors in action.
















“The best part of coming back to school was tutoring!” – Second grade student at Highland after the holiday break #NationalMentorMonth











“Lanny and George teach me about math. They’re my favorite … continue reading

Charlotte Observer

Heart Math Tutoring Featured in Charlotte Observer


Heart Math Tutoring was featured in the South Charlotte News section of the Charlotte Observer. The article featured Cate Rogers, a first year Heart Tutor who lives in south Charlotte and is a retired teacher and school principal.

Rogers said she found the curriculum well-designed for volunteers and easy to wok with. Cate and her husband spent an hour a week at Piney Grove Elementary, each tutoring two children for half an hour each.

Read the full story here.

 … continue reading

Who Are You Bringing to Tutoring? #CarpoolSeries


We have great volunteers who are dedicated to spreading the word about Heart as a way to support students! Sign up to tutor here.

David Woodruff drives three friends to tutor each Wednesday at lunchtime. Who are you bringing to tutoring? ‪#‎CarpoolSeries‬ ‪#‎ItAllAddsUp‬ ‪#‎VolunteersWithHeart‬

Beejal drives and Katherine handles the tunes. Music on the way there and stories on the way back. Who are you bringing to tutoring? ‪#‎CarpoolSeries‬ ‪#‎ItAllAddsUp‬ ‪#‎VolunteersWithHeart‬

Grant recruited his colleague Mary to tutor with him each Wednesday morning and even … continue reading

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