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Heart’s mission is to ensure that all elementary students develop the strong foundation in math and enthusiasm for academics needed for long-term success, by helping schools use volunteers as tutors. View Heart’s 2017 Annual Report here.

98% of over 1,500 students to date have met program growth goals in math.

Heart uses 45-minute, research-based, one-on-one assessments, adapted from Kathy Richardson’s Assessing Math Concepts with the guidance of CMS elementary math specialists, to measure progress across twelve foundational math concepts that are proven to be critical for long-term success in math. The program target, established under the guidance of CMS and UNC Charlotte, is that students show growth in 2+ concepts. 80% of 2016/17 Heart students grew in four or more concept areas – double Heart’s goal!

Third party evaluation of the program in 2017 also found positive impact on math growth on NC End of Grade Tests (EOGs) and NWEA MAP.

94% of teachers in 2016/17 observed an increase in student confidence toward math.

65% of teachers reported students’ confidence increased in subjects other than math. 96% of tutors believe they had a positive influence on students’ confidence about and understanding of math.

100% of volunteers and 93% of teachers rated their experience positive in 2016/17.

99% of volunteers would recommend tutoring with Heart to friends and colleagues, and 96% believed they had a positive influence on students.

84% of teachers said their experience with Heart was more positive than other experiences based on clear communication, the quality of instruction, and minimal time required of teachers.

(>500 volunteer survey responses, 85% teacher response rate)

Conceptual Focus Areas

After being assessed one-on-one in all relevant concept areas, students are placed in the lowest concept they have not yet mastered and work through one concept at a time.




Historical Heart Assessment Results

With this program, I have seen a new light in my students. They are excited to work with their tutors! They come back eager to tell me what they learned and how successful they are. They feel confident and it shows in math class as well. This program has been a blessing for my students! -Bridget Joyce, Teacher at Nathaniel Alexander Elementary