Become A Volunteer!
  • Serves as a Tier II Intervention for elementary students who are below grade level in math

  • “Our scholars… embrace a growth mindset knowing that their Heart Tutor is helping them fill their gaps and become stronger.” 

    -Bridget Wilson, Principal, Joseph W. Grier Academy

  • Heart Tutoring brings 50 hours per week, per school, of one-on-one, individualized instruction.

  • “I have seen remarkable results with my students and the others being tutored as well.”

    – Clark Neilson, President R.B. Pharr & Associates, Heart volunteer since 2012

  • “Heart is a highlight of my week. Equally exciting is watching the involvement from my colleagues grow.”

    – Daniel Tanaka, Bank of America, Heart Tutoring volunteer since 2011

We’ve developed a formula for tutoring success, and it includes you.

dedicated volunteers
+ effective, fun curriculum
+ on-site support
+ school partnership
= positive outcomes

Heart Math Tutoring is a math intervention program that recruits, trains, and supports volunteers as tutors in high-poverty elementary schools in Charlotte, NC. Heart Tutoring’s mission is to ensure that all elementary students develop the strong foundation in math and enthusiasm for academics needed for long-term success, by helping schools use volunteers as tutors.

Over 1,330 community members are currently spending one hour per week delivering Heart Tutoring’s structured curriculum in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (See Results).

Heart Tutoring is a Charlotte-based 501(c)3 nonprofit. Thank you to our volunteers, school partners, and supporters!