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2016 NC End of Grade Test Results Announced

September 13, 2016

This month, the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (DPI) released school-level and district-level results of End of Grade Tests (EOGs) from May 2016. Congratulations to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) on increasing graduation rates and on topping state averages in math, reading, and science tests! Additionally, 86% of CMS schools met or exceeded growth expectations. Across the state, science and math scores increased while third grade reading had a slight setback from prior years.

In CMS, about 48% of students are performing at reading levels deemed “college and career ready”, and 53% in math.

Ann Doss Helms of the Charlotte Observer summarizes student performance trends and their historical context, with a focus on CMS here. CMS summarizes the data in powerpoint slides here. Additional narrative from CMS can be found here.

Knowing many students still do not have the skills they need to be successful in school and beyond, we charge forward in partnership with CMS and its vision of “preparing every child to lead a rich and productive life.”


Source: Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (link in text above)

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