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Celebrating Heart Tutoring Students!

December 10, 2018

Through December 17th, families, tutors, Heart Tutoring staff and CMS school partners will come together to enjoy food and fun as we celebrate students’ progress so far this year. Heart Tutoring students will receive goodie bags with math games they will play at the party with their families and tutors, as well as at home.

“We love this special time of year where we get to celebrate students’ hard work in Heart Tutoring with families and tutors. It is a unique experience where students are surrounded by some of their biggest advocates from both home and school,” says Cydney Kramer, Heart’s Program Director. “We enjoy spreading the holiday spirit and sending students home with math games that they can play with their sibling and family members.”

See photos of each celebration on our Facebook page!

Students celebrating at Joseph W. Grier Academy.

Heart Tutoring students enjoying the food and games at the holiday celebration at First Ward Creative Arts Academy.

Tutors at Montclaire Elementary playing math games with their students during their holiday celebration.

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