Combinations to 10

When we say “combination,” we mean any two number parts that make up a whole number. For example, a combination of 7 is 4 and 3, since 4 and 3 add up to 7! When you students can break up any number to 10 and easily put the parts together, they will be able to work flexibly and powerfully with bigger numbers. Check out the video lesson and resources below to practice Combinations to 10 at home! 

Heart-at-Home Videos

On / Off Game

Watch this video to learn the On/Off Game!

Finding Combos Card Game

Watch this video to learn the Finding Combos Card Game!

Heart-at-Home Activity Boards

Combinations to 10 Activity Board

Practice Combinations to 10 at home with 15+ games and activities on our Student Activity Board!

Other Resources

Math Perspectives Ten and Some More

Use your combinations to help you figure out the answer in these Ten and Some More Activities. For help with these, check out our Strategies to 20 Page!