Strategies to 20

Using ten as a reference point (or friendly number!) is a strong strategy when adding and subtracting numbers in the teens and above. Plus, students can use their knowledge of combinations to help them work efficiently in the base ten system. Check out the video lessons and resources below to practice Strategies to 20 at home! 

Heart-at-Home Videos

Ten Frame Card Game for Addition

Watch this video to learn the Ten Frame Card Game for Addition!

Ten Frame Card Game for Subtraction

Watch this video to learn the Ten Frame Card game for Subtraction!

Heart-at-Home Activity Boards

Strategies to 20 Activity Board

Practice Strategies to 20 at home with 15+ games and activities on our Student Activity Board!

More Resources

Math Perspectives Strategies to 20 Games

These two games from Math Perspectives (Two Ten Frame Addition and Two Ten Frame Subtraction) are a great way to practice Strategies to 20 at home. They even have instructions for making a homemade spinner!