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Dear Families –

We love having your students in Heart Math Tutoring! It is very important that students are working with numbers and reading outside of school. Here are some tips.

Talk About Math –

Ask questions and talk about numbers in everyday situations! (Leer una carta en español aquí.)

  • Telling Time: “How much longer until the party?” “How long have we been waiting in the dentist’s office?”
  • Money and Shopping: “How much money will I need to buy two pizzas?”
  • Counting and Chores: “We need five forks on the table.” “Bring me three pairs of socks.”
  • Measurement: “Who is taller?” “I need 3 cups of flour for this recipe. Please measure it for me.”
  • Food: Items like M&M’s, crackers, and Cheerios are great to use to practice patterns, adding, and subtracting.
  • Items around the House: Read the names and numbers on boxes of food and cans at home.

Active Reading –

Click for videos in Spanish or English with important tips for reading at home with your children.

  • Ask Questions
  • Build Vocabulary
  • Connect to your child’s world

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Library –

All CMS students have a library card and can check out as many books as they want FOR FREE! (Haz clic aquí para leer en español.)

  • Use your student’s CMS ID number to check out books.
  • Use this map to pick from 21 library locations. Find a library branch close to you.

Math Card Games – 

A deck of cards is all you need to practice a wide range of math skills using these fun games.

Stay in Touch!

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We also invite family members to be tutors! In one hour per week, you can help a student catch up. Heart gives the curriculum and tools that you need. Sign up here.

We are excited for a great year!

– Heart Math Tutoring