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Heart’s 3rd Annual Tutor Thank You Party

May 30, 2017

Thank you to all of our tutors who joined us for the 3rd Annual Tutor Thank You Party! We are so grateful to all of our volunteers for choosing to spend your time with Heart students. It has made such a difference in their experiences of school this year!

We measured some of that difference in our students’ final assessments: 98% of this year’s 641 students met program growth goals in math, growing in 2 or more concept areas. Those goals were set with guidance from math specialists at CMS and UNCC. On average, students more than doubled the goal – growing in 4.9 concept areas.

Put another way, when looking at the skills Heart measures, which are proven to be critical building blocks for success in math, this year’s group of students in Heart collectively had only 26% of the skills they needed when they came to us, based on their grade level standards. Now at the end of the year, they have 59% of the skills they need. The gap was cut in half! Thank you to all of our tutors for your part in that achievement!

At the event were were able to thank many groups of volunteers, including all of our 30+ tutors who are former teachers! Thank you for continuing to make an impact on students through Heart. We also thanked all of our tutors with perfect attendance for making tutoring a priority each and every week! Several other awards were given, including “Creative Disciplinarian” for two Billingsville tutors who were able to use timers and incentives to keep their students engaged and “Sticker Broker” for a Westerly Hills tutor with the “coolest” 5th grade girl stickers. We also celebrated several “Newlywed” tutor pairs who got married throughout the year and shared their experiences with their students.

Thank you again to all who joined us and to all who tutored this year. We loved celebrating the year with food, fun, and games. See photos of the event below!


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