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Heart Tutoring Volunteer Partner – Vanguard


Passion from the Vanguard Crew     DaJuan Lucas serves as the Relationship Manager for Vanguard’s Skill-based Volunteering team where he cultivates relationships with great agencies...

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Heart Tutoring Volunteer Partner – GEM


Seal of “Efficiency” from the Best Global Endowment Management (GEM) began their partnership with Heart Math Tutoring in 2014 when Heart Tutoring was the recipient of a GEM Foundation grant. As t...

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Celebrating Heart Tutoring Volunteers and Partners

Join us as we celebrate Heart Tutoring volunteers and partner organizations during Volunteer Appreciation Month! Let's take a peek into the hearts and lives of some of our committed volunteers and par...

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Heart Tutoring Volunteer – Natasha Johnson

“Stepping Away From the Daily Grind to Give Back” It’s sometimes difficult for Natasha Johnson to leave her job early once a week to tutor students with Heart Math Tutoring, as she contemplates...

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Heart Volunteer – Lisa Phillips

“I Am Not a Math Person” Why Heart Tutoring? Lisa Phillips has volunteered as a tutor with Heart Math Tutoring for five years since the 2014/15 school year. Referred to Heart Tutoring by the Exe...

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