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Parents, Tutors And Students Celebrate End Of Year!

May 5, 2016

Through May 16, parents, tutors, and students will gather to celebrate students’ progress in Heart this year with food, fun and games. Students will show their parents math games to play at home, and receive goodie bags that include a deck of cards and game directions. All will celebrate students’ accomplishments in Heart and receive a certificate of completion!

“These events are a fun way celebrate our tutors and students! The students are proud to introduce their tutors to their parents, and the certificates of participation recognize their hard work and academic progress,” says Emily Elliott, Heart’s executive director.

Check for updates for slideshows of each celebration with our eight Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools partners. The slideshows below, from top to bottom, are: Pinewood Elementary, Billingsville Leadership Academy, Montclaire Elementary, Winterfield Elementary, Highland Renaissance Academy, Sedgefield Elementary, Piney Grove Elementary, and Westerly Hills Academy.

Click “Refresh” if you cannot see the pictures. Right click to download and save a photo.

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