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Welcome Heart Tutors! We are thankful for participation in Heart Tutoring this school year. This page is dedicated to you. Here you will find resources that you can use during tutoring, on your own, or with other tutors.  All of these opportunities are completely optional!


During Tutoring:

  • You can refer to the monthly email for Tutor Tips!
  • Check out these Student Engagement Resources
  • Check out a Take Home Notebook from your Program Coordinator
  • Attend the Heart Holiday & End of the Year Parties at your school


Community Building with Other Tutors:


On Your Own:

“Thank you!” from last year’s teachers and school staff!

We love our volunteers! During the 2018/19 school year, over 1,000 Charlotte community members tutored across Heart Tutoring’s 22 school partners, helping students build the strong foundation in math and enthusiasm for academics needed for long-term success.

  • “I was extremely pleased with the relationships Heart tutors made with my students. Many were overjoyed to work so closely with someone one-on-one during their week!” Ms. Woods – 5th grade teacher at Lebanon Road Elementary (2018/19)
  • “My students’ confidence in math skyrocketed and they were able to help out my other students.” Ms. Thompson – 1st grade teacher at Renaissance West STEAM Academy (2018/19)
  • The tutors coming in to pick up the students were always very happy and helpful. They came in quietly and did not disrupt classroom learning and the students always returned from Heart Math Tutoring with a smile on their faces.” Mr. Oliver – 3rd grade teacher at Smithfield Elementary (2018/19)
  • Thanks for all you do! My scholars looked forward to getting picked up every day by their Heart tutor. They came back proud of what they learned and excited to share!” Ms. Anderson – 1st grade teacher at Shamrock Gardens Elementary(2018/19)
  • Thank you for making our students’ day each time you show up!! You mean the world to them and they love the one-on-one time.” Ms. Rickard – 2nd grade teacher at Montclaire Elementary (2018/19)

We are now recruiting volunteers for the 2020/21 school year! Please refer volunteers who can spend 30 minutes or one hour per week tutoring an elementary student who is below grade level in math. Whether it’s by talking about your experience as a Heart Tutoring tutor with a friend, or by setting up a presentation at your place of business, there are plenty of ways you can help. We’ve included email templates and anything else you might need in our recruitment kit. Download our recruitment kit here to see all the ways you can help match students with tutors!

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"Heart is the most well-run, organized volunteer organization I have been associated with. It has a laser focus and the results are proof. It genuinely has a positive impact on the students it serves." - 2017/18 Heart Volunteer Tutor at Barringer Academic Center